Alexander Stockdale

Interactive arts and media professional based in Chicago, Illinois, with over a decade of web development experience across the new media landscape.

“DATABENT” (2015)

DATABENT is a glitch art gallery composed of manipulated photographs I’ve taken throughout Chicago, Illinois, including works at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The editing process involved code modifications, databending, datamoshing, Adobe Photoshop, & the Glitché application (Vladimir Shreyder, Boris Golovnev). Select artwork was featured on “Waste,” by Aurora L’Orealis.

Databending (or data bending) is the process of manipulating a media file of a certain format, using software designed to edit files of another format. Distortions in the medium typically occur as a result, and the process either falls under a broader category of, or is frequently employed in glitch art.

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